Pakistani terrorist organisation threatens to attack T-20 World Cup tournament to be held in West Indies

New York – Pakistan based terrorist organisation, ‘Islamic State Khorasan’ has issued a threat to attack the T-20 World Cup cricket tournament to be held in the US and West Indies from 1stJune 2024. The Pakistan-Afghanistan border has become a refuge for terrorist.

An alert has been issued to the concerned agencies after this threat. The Caribbean Nations, part of the ‘West Indies Cricket Board’ have taken steps to increase their security after receiving this threat. Johnny Grave Chief Executive of the West Indies Cricket Board said, “We would like to assure all of you, that our primary responsibility will be the safety of each and every player and the audience.”

A new stadium is being erected for this tournament in the US. The US will be hosting a major cricker tournament for the first time. The Indian team has been declared for this tournament.

Editorial Perspective

At least now, the US and other western countries should accept that ‘Pakistan propagates terrorism’ and stop funding it.