One day we will see the end of Hindus in Pakistan

Hindu Senator Danesh Kumar Palyani in the Pakistani Parliament

Danesh Kumar, Credits : Dtnext

Islamabad (Pakistan) – “Hindu girls are being kidnapped and converted in Pakistan. You (Speaker) should do something, otherwise one day we will see the end of Hindus here”, earnestly appealed Danesh Kumar Palyani, a Hindu Senator in Pakistan in the Pakistani Parliament. Here are the highlights of Danesh Kumar’s speech.

The Holy Quran says – ‘There is no compulsion in religion’

In Sindh, bandits are forcefully converting our Hindu girls to Islam. Bandits in mud fort areas kidnap people, but bandits in settled areas are forcing girls to change their religion. The Constitution of Pakistan says that no one can be forcibly converted. The Holy Quran says, ‘There is no compulsion in religion. Your religion for you, our religion for us’. So, these cruel people neither believe in the Constitution of Pakistan nor in the Quran. They are forcibly changing the religion of Hindu girls and women.

Kidnapping of 6-year-old Hindu girl

Influential people in the Sufi community were Hindus, though they exercised no power. In a distressing event, 6-year-old Priya Kumari was abducted from Sanghar during the month of Muharram while her parents were offering water to people. It is now 2 years since this incident but Priya is still to be found. Everyone knows the identity of the kidnapper. He is also a notorious bandit, but the Sindh Government is not helping us. The man should be arrested, so that Priya can be freed. It is said that a joint investigation team has been formed in this case, yet Priya Kumari’s abductors are interrogated in an air-conditioned room. This is injustice. Because of such cases, our enemy countries are pointing fingers at my Homeland.

Non-Muslims do not oppress anyone

Sindh should take a cue from Balochistan. There is no oppression in Balochistan. The Constitution of Pakistan allows anyone living there to practice his religion. Non-Muslims do not oppress anyone there.

What do the UN experts say on this Issue ?

On 11th April, UN experts expressed dismay at the continuing lack of protection for young women and girls belonging to minority communities in Pakistan. “Christian and Hindu girls remain particularly vulnerable to forced religious conversion, abduction, trafficking, early and forced child marriage, domestic servitude and sexual violence”, the UN experts said. “The exposure of young women and girls of religious minority communities to such heinous human rights violations and the impunity of such crimes can no longer be tolerated or justified”, they added.

The experts expressed concern that forced marriages and religious conversions of girls from minorities which have been coerced are validated by the Courts, often invoking religious law to justify keeping victims with their abductors rather than allowing them to return them to their parents. “Perpetrators often escape accountability, with Police dismissing crimes under the guise of ‘love marriages’,” they said.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Danesh Kumar has clearly stated what will happen to Hindus in the future. The possibility of Pakistan Government doing anything to protect Hindus is minimal.
  •  Until we establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in India, there is no possibility of Hindus being protected either in India or in Islamic countries.