Hindu shopkeeper attacked by Muslim fanatics at Vagara, Gujarat

Attempted to burn the shop

Vagara (Gujarat) – A Hindu businessman named Kishan Kumar Kumawat and his wife were fatally attacked by a fanatic Muslim mob at Ochchhan village in Vagara taluka of Bharuch District. Kishan Kumar runs a grocery shop outside the Shriram Temple. This time, those who came forward to save the sarpanch and Kishan were also beaten up. Police have registered a case against 11 people including 2 minors in this case. This incident happened on the night of 21stApril 2024.

At 10:30 p.m., 2 sons of accused Abdul Ahmed Patel came to buy some items from Kishan’s shop. They got into an argument over some issue and abused each other. Watching the fight, other Muslims gathered and beat up Kishan Kumar and tried to set his shop on fire.

Editorial Perspective

Hindus feel that the fanatic Muslims should not have the courage to attack Hindus when BJP has governed Gujarat for the last 25 years.