‘If no madarasa with Govt money, then not even Kumbha Mela !’ – Blurts Congress leader Udit Raj

Thousands of crores of rupees have been given for the Haj pilgrimage by the Congress for so many years, why does not Udit Raj open his mouth about this ? By comparing madarasas with Kumbha Mela, Udit Raj has shown his anti-Hindu mentality ! New Delhi – ‘The Government money should not be used for … Read more

‘Comedy Couple’, a television serial on Zee5 OTT app, insults ‘gomūtra’

The serial faces stiff resistance expressed on social media It is often witnessed that several Web series insult Hindu Dharma in various ways. The Government should take strict action aginst the concerned. New Delhi – ‘Comedy Couple’, a web series on Zee5 OTT app, insults ‘gomūtra'(Cows urine). This Web serial has commenced telecast from 11th … Read more

Flipkart tenders apology for saying Nagaland is outside India

An offence should be registered against the foreign establishments which make such statements and the concerned should be imprisoned! Why is the Government not talking about such incidents which are assaulting national integrity ? Patriots expect that a severe action should be taken against such foreign establishments which are sowing the seeds of division in … Read more