Congress will distribute country’s wealth among Muslims and infiltrators : PM Modi

Scathing attack by PM Modi on Congress

Pm Modi and Manmohan Singh from left

Banswara (Rajasthan) – “Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had said when Congress ruled this country, that Muslims have the first right to the wealth of this country. It means they would collect wealth and distribute it among people having more children and among infiltrators. Is it acceptable to people that their money will be given to infiltrators”, asked PM Narendra Modi in a rally held here on 21 st  April 2024.

Courtesy : Zee News

Congress’ urban naxal ideology : PM Modi

PM Modi added that Congress’ manifesto says, they will take count of women’s gold and then distribute that wealth. This ideology of urban naxalism will not let women keep even their ‘Mangalsutra’. Sometimes they spread fear among the Dalits and tribals. Presently, they are spreading fear about the Constitution and reservation. They know that their falsehood would not help them because the Dalits know their rights.

PM Modi is lying : Congress criticises

Pawan Khera

On PM Modi’s statement, Congress leader Pawan Khera made a viral video on social media wherein he said that PM Modi again told lies. He would keep telling lies to people to win the elections. His guarantees, statements and promises are false. He is trying to divide this country by talking about Hindu-Muslim. Is there any mention of Hindu or Muslim in Congress’ manifesto ? I challenge the PM to show the proof. PM should take up the challenge or stop telling lies.

Statement of the then PM Manmohan Singh

In 2006, Congress PM Dr Manmohan Singh said that the fruits of the development of this country should be distributed equally, especially among the minorities and Muslims by devising good schemes for them. Muslims should have the first right over the wealth and facilities available in this country.