Voice raised for Hindus will be suppressed : BJP worker gets threat of life

Kota (Rajasthan) – ‘There is only one punishment for insulting Prophet Mohammad and that is beheading. You raise too much noise for Hindus. Now, your voice will be suppressed. We are Allah’s servants and we will not spare you. Let us see if your Ram would be able to save you or not,’ was the message written on a piece of paper which was pasted on the door of Manoj Suman,  a BJP worker from Udyog Nagar. A complaint has been lodged with the Police in this regard. Dilip Saini, the senior Superintendent of Police said that policemen have been deployed outside Manoj Suman’s house for protection. A team has been formed to investigate the matter.

Manoj Suman said that there was an issue with some people about erecting flags at the time of the inauguration of Shriram Mandir in Ayodhya, in January 2024. A goat was tied near a temple when saffron flags were being erected in the area, leading to a brawl, and he was threatened with life and a bomb blast. A complaint was filed with the local Police Station at that time. There was a possibility of receiving a threat now in connection with the earlier threat.

Editorial Perspective

Hindus expect the BJP Government ruling in Rajasthan to create nationwide awareness to stop such threats to Hindus.