Significant part of the earth will be flooded due to sea tide in 2030 : NASA report

NASA claims that this condition will occur due the moon changing its place

New York (USA) – According to a study by the US space research agency ‘NASA’, there will be a significant increase in the sea level by 2030, causing a huge tide in the sea. This will flood large part of the earth. This situation will occur due to change in the moon’s position. This NASA report has been published in the journal ‘Nature’.

Due to the gravitational force of the moon, the process of tides and eddies continues in the ocean. According to NASA, the moon moves slightly away from its original position every eighteen and a half years. Half of this time, it exerts pressure on the ocean waves, while the other half increases the speed of the waves. During this period sea levels would have risen enormously, and if this were to happen, great destruction is likely.

Editorial Perspective

As the moon affects nature, it also affects the human mind. NASA should also conduct studies on this, which has already been done thousands of years ago by the sages of India.