7 lakh cases of abandoning parents pending in the country

New Delhi – The practice of abandoning parents is on the rise in India. Not only this, it often comes to light that ungrateful children are abusing their parents. Out of more than 35 lakh cases related to senior citizens, nearly 7 lakh cases have been filed for abandonment of parents, harassment or non-payment of maintenance allowance. Already tortured by the children the old people are frustrated by visits to the Court.

Many cases have been pending for 10 years despite the Supreme Court directive. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka top the list, while the Rajasthan High Court has the highest number of cases pending with 1.32 lakh cases related to senior citizens. This figure is equal to 14% of the total cases pending in 24 High Courts.

Editorial Perspective

  • Can senior citizens ever get support in such a slow justice system ? Indians feel that the Government and the Judiciary should show willingness and sensitivity to resolve the pending cases.
  • Because today’s generation lacks education on Dharma, they are doing injustice to their parents. Considering the fact that this is the land of Shravan and Pundalik, such incidents are shameful for our country.