If Modi comes to Punjab, he will not survive

A so-called farmer’s video threatening Prime Minister circulated

PM Modi

New Delhi – Protesting farmers from Punjab have gathered at the Shambhu border near Delhi. The administration is trying to understand them and listen to them. A video of a so-called farmer has been circulated, wherein, he is threatening Prime Minister Modi saying, ‘If Modi comes to Punjab, we shall give him a tear gas experience. Last time he ran away from Firozpur. If he comes this time, he will not be spared.’

1. ‘Satya Khabar’, a YouTube channel, had aired the video on 12thFebruary. In this video, some Sikhs were seen demanding Khalistan. One of the Sikhs says, “We are standing on the Shambhu border, where you people have put up barricades. Do one thing, close Haryana border forever. We will open the border with Pakistan. You people separated us from India, so now we will separate.”

2. Another farmer said, “The Modi Government does not consider Punjab as its own. We will make a separate Khalistan. We will join hands with Pakistan. We didn’t build the walls, you did. You have separated us from India. Now we will create Khalistan.”

3. In another video, a Nihang Sikh riding a tractor says, “An army of farmers is coming. We will enter Delhi at any cost.”

Editorial Perspective

If anti-social elements are spreading hatred in the guise of farmers, the Government should investigate and take stringent action against them.