Wine is God’s gift

Pope Francis reiterates his endorsement of wine

Vatican City – The Supreme religious leader of Christians, Pope Francis was addressing an event organised by Bishop Domenico at Verona. Pope might look like he is speaking under the influence of alcohol, “Wine, land, agriculture and entrepreneurial expertise are gifts of God. We turn these gifts from the Creator into a ‘a true source of Joy’ with our sensitivity and honesty.” This statement confirms that the Pope means, ‘wine is God’s gift.

Pope Francis endorsed the consumption of wine in 2016. He had said, ‘It is shameful if wine is not served during a wedding ceremony’, tea cannot replace wine.

At the Wine Trade Fair, where Pope Francis was speaking, many wine producers from Italy were present. Every year, a wine competition is held in Verona in April and before that, an event is organised in the Vatican City. Italy is the second largest wine producer in the world. The European Union has been demanding health warnings on European wine bottles for the last few years. Italian wine producers protested such labels, and they welcomed this statement by Pope Francis.

On this occasion, Pope Francis appealed to wine producers to fulfil their ethical obligations and promote good drinking habits.