Priests should be allowed to marry – Archbishop Charles Scicluna, a Senior Advisor to Pope Francis

Scicluna had investigated the cases of sexual abuse of children by the priests

(Credit – Ya Libnan)

Vatican City – “Priests should be allowed to marry. This should be seriously considered by the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps this is the first time I am making such a statement publicly”, stated Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta, a Senior Adviser to Pope Francis. Archbishop Charles Scicluna investigated cases of sexual abuse of children by the priests. From that viewpoint, the above statement made by him is critical.

Pastors can also fall in love

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that the priests were allowed to marry during the first 1,000 years. This history is documented. Had it been in my power, I would have researched the rule that ‘Priests must practice celibacy’. This rule has caused the church to lose many good pastors, because they decided to get married instead. From my experience, there is a need to seriously consider allowing priests to get married. Celibacy certainly has a place in the Church; but it should also be considered that sometimes pastors can also fall in love. At such times, the priests need to choose between their beloveds and the priesthood. Some pastors even hide such relationships.

Editorial Perspectives

  • For Christians, either pastors or ordinary citizens, living in the countries which consider themselves developed and modern, practising celibacy is not only difficult but impossible ! That is why thousands of cases of sexual abuse by priests have come to light. Due to this, the priests are now demanding permission to marry.
  • Hindu sages, ascetics and saints can practice celibacy, because they have the necessary knowledge and ability to regulate their senses by performing spiritual practice. Those who follow other religions neither have the knowledge nor the ability to do so !
  • In Shadripu (the six enemies of the mind), ‘Kama’ (desire) ranks the highest. When an individual experiences ‘Advaita’ (non-duality), all the desires are destroyed. Until that point, desirous thoughts are present in the mind to some extent. Rigorous spiritual practice is required to attain this ultimate state of existence though.