Bangladeshi intruders procure 604 fake passports in Pune

Pune (Maharashtra) – In an appalling incident that has come to light, Bangladeshi intruders have obtained 604 fake passports in Pune. A case has been registered in this matter and an investigation is going on, also many people have been arrested in this case. A few months ago, the Police had taken action against the Bangladeshi illegal immigrants who were living illegally in the Pune city area. Investigation revealed that they have procured 604 passports based on forged documents. Cases have been registered in Hadapsar, Wanowrie, Bharti Vidyapeeth, and Faraskhana Police stations in connection with Bangladeshi illegal immigrants. 29 Bangladeshis have been arrested in this case.

After the operation, the Police interrogated the Bangladeshi intruders which then revealed that 604 passports were procured by them based on forged documents. Following that, Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar has taken serious note of this. (If the illegal immigrants had not procured so many fake passports, the Police would not have taken such action ! Action should also be taken against those who neglect illegal immigration ! – Editor) Assistant Commissioner of Police Ramakant Mane and Senior Police Inspector D S Hake of Pune Police’s Passport Verification Division have issued instructions to the passport verification staff.

Instructions to conduct personal enquiry of passport applicants 

Citizens who apply for passports should be personally investigated, and enquiries should be made at the residence of the applicant citizens. Police Commissioner Ritesh Kumar has ordered that the residents of the area should be enquired about the applicants’ residence.

Verification must be conducted strictly 

The Commissioner of Police has said in the order that an Aadhaar card, birth certificate, and other necessary documents should be verified strictly. Instructions have been given to take action against illegally residing foreigners.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Were the Police asleep until the Bangladeshi intruders procured so many fake passports ? Shame on the Police.
  • Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, and voter ID cards being issued to intruders without any proof of Indian citizenship raises questions about the system itself. Many political parties in India are promoting the resettlement of intruders to increase their vote base. No other country except India must be putting a red carpet for illegal immigrants ! This is shameful for the Government and concerned political parties.