Two Muslim women travelled using the same Aadhaar card

Congress Government’s free bus travel scheme in Karnataka

(Credits:The Economic Times)

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – In Karnataka, the Congress Government has implemented a free bus travel scheme for women as announced in their election manifesto. As soon as the Congress Government implemented this scheme to appease Muslims, Muslims started misusing it. In this scheme, women can travel for free by showing their Aadhaar card. A video related to this scheme has been circulated on social media. In the video, two Muslim women presented the same Aadhaar card to the bus conductor. Both cards had the same number and the photographs of a face covered with a cloth. Hence, the face could not be recognised. The incident took place in a bus from Hubballi bus depot. The video has been circulated by a BJP leader on his ‘X’ account. In the video, the bus conductor is telling the officer that ‘two women were traveling for free by showing the same Aadhaar card and their faces were covered with a cloth. Muslim women passengers can go to any level of cheating and forgery’.

Editorial Perspective

One can understand the criminal mentality of religious fanatic women, who commit fraud even in the free travel scheme ! Pseudo-seculars will not open their mouths about such incidents.