Mahisha Dasara celebrated amid Police security in Mysuru, Karnataka

BJP had opposed it

Mysuru (Karnataka) – Amid tight Police security ‘Mahisha Utsava and Dhamma Deeksha’ was celebrated peacefully by members of the Mahisha Dasara Aacharana Samithi (MDAS) on 14th of October at the State Townhall premises. Thousands of individuals had come from the entire State to participate in the programme. They were cheering and saying ‘Mahishasur ki jay.’ BJP had opposed Mahisha Dasara. So, Section 144 had been imposed in the city.

Urilinga Peddi Mutt Seer Sri Jnanaprakash Swamiji said “if you are celebrating and honouring the killing (the action of Devi killing Mahishasur) then can we not commemorate he (our Emperor) who was killed ? We do not want the festivals and Deities of the followers of Manu. We only want the Constitution. Our Buddhist faith turns a murderer into a man. (Can these people who are going against the teaching of the Buddha’s Dharma and spreading Hindu hate ever bring peace ? – Editor) We are not those who burn and kill we are those who give life by fighting fire. (The world can see that by making these comments of Hindu hatred a communal tension is being created. – Editor)

Editorial Perspective

Can there be any doubt that all those who are intentionally spreading Hinduphobia will have love for Mahishasur ? Will such people ever spread ethics, love and good will in society ?