Pakistani Muslim players used to always put pressure on me to convert : Serious allegations by former Pakistani Hindu cricketer Danish Kaneria

Former Pakistani Hindu cricketer Danish Kaneria

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Former Pakistani Hindu cricketer Danish Kaneria has made a video viral on social media wherein he said that the then Pakistani cricketers always used to pressurise him to adopt Islam.

Attempts made to even motivate a Sri Lankan cricketer for conversion !

Danish Kaneria has posted an old video of Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shehzad recorded in 2014 during a match with Sri Lanka. Two players are seen in the video viz Tillakaratne Dilshan of Sri Lanka and Ahmed Shehzad. Ahmed is telling Dilshan, “You are a non-Muslim. You become a Muslim so that whatever you do in life, you will go to heaven.” While uploading this video, Kaneria said in his tweet that Ahmed used to put pressure on Dilshan for conversion at any place, like in a room of a stadium; on the ground, or even at the dining table. Tillakaratne Dilshan’s father is a Muslim and his mother is a Buddhist. Dilshan used to follow his mother’s religion.

Shahid Afridi did not want him in the team

Former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi

Danish Kaneria said the former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi never wanted Danish to be a part of his team, but Danish used to ignore it. Afridi used to provoke other team members against Danish. He used to feel jealous because Danish was performing well in the matches.

Editorial Perspective

It is the true mentality of Pakistani Muslim cricketers, however, the pro-Pakistani political leaders, secularists, and progressives from India always feel India should continue to play cricket with Pakistan and hence, they will not open their mouths on this issue now.