Israel Palestine Conflict : Israel takes control after its army attacks over 200 places near the Gaza Strip

So far over 1,587 people have died

(Credits : Anadolu Anjasi)

Tel Aviv, Israel – The newspaper “Times of Israel” reported that the Israeli army gained control of the Gaza border on the fourth day, after the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas. The army said it targeted 200 locations in the Gaza Strip on the night of 9th October.

1. On 9th October, the Israeli Government ordered its forces to occupy the entire Gaza Strip. Israel has deployed 1,00,000 soldiers along the Gaza border, and has asked 3,00,000 soldiers to be on standby.

2. Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Galant has also ordered officials to cut off supplies of food, water, electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip.

3. Hamas claims to have kidnapped 130 Israelis. They are being kept in tunnels in the Gaza Strip. They will use these hostages as human shields, so that in case of Israel attacks, then their own people will be killed. The Israeli Defense Forces claim that the hostages included women, children and families.

4. Along with this, Lebanon’s terrorist organisation “Hezbullah” has threatened the United States and said that if the United States directly intervenes in the war, they will attack the US bases in the Middle East. Palestine is not Ukraine.

5. According to the Times of Israel, the war is currently being fought in 7-8 places in Israel. It is said that Israeli bodies are being found from where the Hamas’ terrorists were driven out.

6. An estimated 123 Israeli soldiers have died in the war so far. In Israel, 900 people have died, while 2,300 people have been injured. At the same time, 687 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip, while 3,726 people have been injured.

7. 11 US citizens and 10 British citizens have been killed in the war. France, Germany, Argentina and Ukraine have also announced the death of their citizens in the attacks by Hamas.

8. On the night of 9th October, the White House of US was lit up with the blue-white lights of the Israeli flag in support of Israel. The Eiffel Tower in Paris was also lit up with the colours of the Israeli flag.

(Credits : ITV News)

Editorial Perspective

Israel is showing the world on how to end Jihadi terrorism. India should also learn from this.