Stone-pelting on Hindus returning from Shaurya Jagran Yatra when passing through a mosque in Jharkhand

Hazaribagh (Jharkhand) – An incident of stone-pelting by religious fanatic Muslims near a mosque in Hazaribagh took place on 8th October when devout Hindus were returning from Shaurya Jagran Yatra from the capital Ranchi. The prompt arrival of the Police averted a major incident. 10 people including a woman were injured in the stone-pelting. Earlier, such an incident had also happened in Ranchi. The Superintendent of Police of Hazaribagh said, “This case is being investigated and the stone-pelters have been identified. They will be arrested soon.” The religious fanatical Muslims claim that the bus of Hindus stopped in front of the mosque and started raising religious slogans. (Is there a law that forbids raising slogans in front of a mosque ? Also is there a law that if some does so, they should be stone-pelted ? One may argue that if such is the mentality, then Hindus will also have to think about it. – Editor)

Editorial Perspective

It seems now the definition of Mosque would have be changed to – a place of attack on Hindus. It is said that ‘Islam means peace’; but their mosques are creating unrest.