Israel destroys 500 Hamas targets

Third day of Hamas-Israel war

Tel Aviv (Israel) – A high intensity war between Israel and Hamas continued for the third day. On the third day, Hamas reportedly fired 100 rockets at Israel, while Israel also intruded and attacked the Gaza Strip. So far, 700 Israelis have been killed and thousands have been injured; while over 415 Palestinians have been killed and over 2,000 have been injured. Israel has claimed to have destroyed several Hamas bases. Reportedly, Israel destroyed 500 Hamas targets.

Israel has destroyed 426 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip alone. Over 29 locations have been recaptured from Hamas. Hamas has claimed to have taken 200 Israeli hostages. These include Israeli soldiers, women, children and the elderly. Hamas has kept them in the bunkers adjacent to the Gaza Strip. Hamas is using these hostages as human shields so that if Israel invades, its own people would be killed. An estimated 5,200 Palestinians are held in Israeli prisons.

All 18,000 Indians in Israel are safe

According to the Indian Embassy in Tel Aviv, 18,000 Indians are present in Israel and all are currently safe. These Indian citizens have appealed to the Indian Ambassador to evacuate them safely. Air India has cancelled all its flights to Tel Aviv until 14th October.

11 Nepali Hindu students killed

24 foreign nationals have been killed in the Hamas attack. These include citizens of the USA, France, Germany, Ukraine, Thailand and Nepal. Out of 17 Nepali students, 11 Hindu students have been killed, while 4 students have been injured. 2 Thai nationals have died. The Prime Minister of Thailand has claimed that 11 citizens of Thailand have been captured by Hamas.

Dead woman carried in a truck by Hamas identified to be a German citizen

A woman’s dead body was carried in a pickup truck by Hamas terrorists on 7th October. The woman has been identified as Shani Louk who was a German citizen. She came to Israel to attend a music festival. Hamas attacked this place, killed 260 people and took some others as captives.