ISI hatches an international conspiracy called ‘K’ (Khalistan) to create an anti-India atmosphere

  • Pakistan’s attempt to take advantage of the strained relations between India and Canada
  • Pakistani agents are active in Australia, Germany, and the US

New Delhi – Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is trying to exploit the strained relations between India and Canada after the killing of terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. It has devised a conspiracy to create an anti-India atmosphere in Sikh-majority parts of India, as well as in other countries. It has been named ‘K’. ‘K’ stands for Khalistan!

As part of this conspiracy, the ISI has activated its agents in the Sikh-dominated areas of Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia, and the US. Through these agents, ISI is funding crores of rupees to the terrorist organisation ‘Sikhs for Justice’ and other Khalistani terrorists to create an atmosphere against India. Besides this, terrorists are being instigated to attack Indian embassies in various countries and stage protests.

ISI has been passing on photographs of embassy officials working in Indian embassies in the above countries along with their personal information to terrorists. Information such as the number of family members of these officers, where their children study, what their wives do, etc. is being sent to Khalistani terrorists. Terrorists might target them using this information.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is not surprising that Pakistan is making such efforts to create an anti-India atmosphere. In fact, these actions are leading Pakistan to decimate itself. It should rather focus on solving the problems of the people in Balochistan, Sindh, etc. Otherwise, it might lose more than half of its territory in the near future!