Khalistanis protest outside Indian embassies in Canada

Indian national flag burned

Vancouver (Canada) – On 25 September, Khalistanis staged protests against India at two separate locations in Canada. During these demonstrations, both the Indian National Flag and an effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi were set on fire. These protests were organised by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the leader of the Khalistani terrorist organisation ‘Sikhs for Justice’.

The first protest took place outside the Indian Embassy in Vancouver, where the Khalistanis chanted anti-India slogans and tore apart the Indian National Flag.

In addition, a second protest was held outside the Indian Embassy in Ottawa, but this time, only 30 Sikh individuals participated. This shows that the number of Khalistani participants is decreasing compared to earlier demonstrations.

India moves to cancel ‘Overseas Citizen of India’ (OCI) cards

The Indian Government has initiated the process of identifying individuals associated with the Khalistani protests outside the Indian embassy. As part of this effort, the Government intends to cancel the ‘Overseas Citizen of India’ (OCI) cards of all these protesters. The OCI card grants dual citizenship to Indians settled abroad. The cancellation of these cards would render Khalistani individuals settled in Canada ineligible to return to India. Consequently, due to this apprehension, they are refraining from openly coming forward.