Sri Lanka firm in its decision to allow Chinese Spy vessel despite India’s objection

Sri Lanka permitted a Chinese spying vessel to take a halt in the port once again

(Credits – Indian Aerospace Defence News)

Colombo (Sri Lanka) – By permitting the Chinese spying vessel to take alt in the port, Sri Lanka has betrayed India again. Last year, Sri Lanka had allowed Chinese spying vessels to halt at Hambantota Port despite the opposition from India. Chinese maritime vessel ‘Shi Yan 6’ is spying under the name of research in the Indian Ocean. This vessel will be active in the Indian Ocean in the next three months. Last year a spying vessel ‘Yuan Wang 5’ had halted in Sri Lanka; not only India but also the US had opposed it.

Editorial perspective

India, not China, helped Sri Lanka to get a loan from the International Monetary Fund when Sri Lanka had gone bankrupt. If Sri Lanka wants to return the favours like this, India should reconsider how to deal with Sri Lanka.