Putin lauds Modi’s efforts to promote ‘Make in India’

Russian President Putin praises PM Modi

Russian President Putin and PM Modi (Credits : OpIndia)

Moscow (Russia) – Russian President Vladimir Putin praised India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that the latter is doing a good job in promoting the ‘Make in India’ programme. He said this while talking to reporters.

(Credits : Hindustan Times)

Putin said,

1. Earlier, four-wheelers were not manufactured in our country, but now we do it. It is true that they are inferior to the likes of Audi and Mercedes, but this is not the problem. We must use Russian-made vehicles.
2. We should follow our friend India. They manufacture and use vehicles in the country itself. We have to decide which class of officers can drive which vehicles so that they use domestic vehicles.

International economic corridor will also benefit Russia : Putin

Putin also claimed that the US will not benefit much from it

India, US, Saudi Arabia, the European Union, etc. have announced to build an international economic corridor against the backdrop of the G20 conference. Putin said that the proposed India-Middle East-Europe-America economic corridor would not harm Russia but would only benefit it. This corridor will help Russia to develop infrastructure. This project was discussed for a long time. The US joined the deal at the last minute, but in my opinion, they will not benefit much from this project.