Sanatan did not perish despite Ravan’s ego and atrocities of Babar and Aurangzeb : Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (Credit : News 24)

Lucknow (UP) – “All the schemes and work that the Union Government has done are being discredited by using the word ‘Sanatan’. Those who oppose have forgotten that even Ravan, Kansa and Mughal rulers such as Babar and Aurangzeb could not succeed in their evil designs against Sanatan Dharma; so how can these insignificant individuals talk of destroying Sanatan ?”, asked Yogi Adityanath (Chief Minister of UP – in photo above) while commenting on what Udhayanidhi Stalin had said about Sanatan Dharma.

People trying to spit at the Sun !

Yogi Adityanath added – “People who try to spit at the Sun only prove how foolish they are. They do not realise that in this effort of spitting at the Sun, the spit drops on their own faces. Demons such as Ravan, Hiranyakashyapu, Kansa and all who challenged and insulted God’s authority were completely destroyed. Sanatan Dharma is the Truth that can never perish. It is God’s grace that Shriram Temple in Ayodhya is being built in the period when Sanatan Dharma is on the rise”.