Give me 10-rupee comb instead of spending 10 crore rupees, I myself can comb my hair : Udhayanidhi Stalin

Case of Udhayanidhi’s remarks about eradicating Sanatan Dharma

Udhayanidhi’s ironic criticism of Paramhans Acharya who announced a reward of 10 crore rupees for beheading

Chennai – Paramhans Acharya, the chief priest of the Tapaswi Chawni temple of Ayodhya had announced that he will reward 10 crore rupees for beheading Udhayanidhi Stalin, son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin over his remarks about eradicating Sanatan Dharma. He had also said, “If no one dares to behead Udhayanidhi, I will myself find him and behead him”. Udhayanidhi replied to this by saying, “Today a saint has set a prize of 10 crore rupees for my beheading. Is he a real saint or a fake one? Why do you like my head? Where do you get so much money from? Why spend 10 crore rupees on my head? Instead, give me a 10-rupee comb, I can comb my hair myself”.

BJP submits ‘protest letter’ to the commissioner of Tamil Nadu

A delegation of Delhi BJP leaders visited the Tamil Nadu Bhawan and submitted a ‘protest letter’ to the Tamil Nadu State Commissioner and demanded an apology from Udhayanidhi Stalin for his remarks on Sanatan Dharma.

What is the difference between you and other radicals? : Priyank Kharge

Criticism by Karnataka Minister Priyank Kharge

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Karnataka Minister Priyank Kharge said, “This is the beauty of India; anyone can speak about anything democratically but we do have to keep everyone’s sentiments in mind. But if you are going to issue a death threat to anybody who says anything, what is the difference between you and the other radicals? All I want to say is, doesn’t his (Paramhans Acharya) religion teach mercy and equality ?”

(Sanatana Dharma teaches mercy and equality, so whoever violates it, must be opposed. However, note that Kharge never opens his mouth about those religions that do not teach mercy and equality, whose scriptures call for the killing of Idol worshippers. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

It is wrong to incite anyone to kill. Sanatana Dharma does not allow this but note that people like Priyank Kharge never open their mouths against religious fanatics who raise slogans ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ (to behead) and actually do it.