Pragyan Rover discovers Oxygen on the Moon

  • Great achievement of Chandrayaan-3
  • Also discovered presence of 8 minerals

(Credit – ISRO)

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The Chandrayan-3 has made great achievement. The Pragyan Rover came out of Chandrayaan-3 Vikram lander, and discovered Oxygen on the Moon. The Rover has also discovered 8 minerals.

ISRO’s main objective in this mission was trying to find water on the Moon. To know if there is water on moon, it is necessary to find if there is Hydrogen on the Moon. If Hydrogen is found on the Moon, then it will be clear that there is water on the Moon. This will be the great achievement of the Chandrayan 3’s Mission. Water is made up of two molecules of Hydrogen and one molecule of Oxygen.

What will happen if water is found on the moon ?

If water is found on the moon, then various space agencies can send their astronauts to the moon. There will be water to drink and to cool the machines; similarly, there will air which is compatible for breathing and to make fuel.

The minerals found on the moon

Sulphur, Aluminium, Calcium, Iron, Chromium, Titanium, Manganese and Silicone have been found on the Moon. ISRO said that it was possible to discover these minerals because of the ‘Lazer Driven Breakdown Spectroscope’ fitted on the Pragyan Rover.

The photograph of Vikram taken by Pragyan

Chandrayaan 3’s Pragyan Rover has sent a photograph of the Vikram lander. This is the 1st photograph taken by Pragyan camera.

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