Pakistani citizens ridiculing own country about India’s ‘Chandrayan-3’ Mission

We are already staying on the moon

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Following the success of India’s ‘Chandrayan-3’ Mission, a range of reactions has emerged from the Pakistani populace. One such reaction is depicted in a viral video on platforms like YouTube. In this video, a Pakistani citizen adopts a sarcastic tone, asserting that they already reside on the moon. The individual jests, “While India expends resources to reach the moon, we’ve been living there all along. Much like the moon, Pakistan grapples with water scarcity; just like the moon, gas and electricity are in short supply in Pakistan. Hence, it’s safe to say we’ve been moon-dwellers for a while.” (The sentiment expressed in the viral video underscores the situation, wherein Pakistani citizens, through their inaction, inadvertently contribute to the current state of affairs. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

Pakistani citizens are introducing themselves as the people of Pakistan, but they should note that the country named Pakistan will not exist in the next few years.

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