Sar Tan Se Juda slogans raised by religious fanatic mob in a Police Station at Ratlam, MP

  • Allegedly, they are irate over a Facebook post
  • Ruckus continues even after registering a complaint against the accused girl

Ratlam (MP) – After a social media post about Islam offended the members of the Muslim community, a mob gathered around the Ratlam Police post on the night of 9th August. The situation escalated and the religious fanatic crowd started to raise “sar tan se juda” slogans. Despite the Police registering a case against the girl responsible for the post, the fanatics continued to create a ruckus. They even attempted to enter the Police station. The Muslim mob insisted on the girl’s immediate arrest and also demanded the demolition of her house using a bulldozer. The Police reassured them that the girl would be arrested with the assistance of the Cyber Police.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Unfortunately, the Police and all Government systems fear this fanaticism.
  • It is wrong to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. However, stringent action must be taken against fanatic Muslims who incite violence through such slogans. The Madhya Pradesh Police should take note that the same slogan led to the loss of many Hindu lives last year.

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