Minor Muslim girl molested by a religious fanatic teacher in Dist Jalgaon

Headmaster and teachers try to suppress the matter

Jalgaon (Maharashtra) – A minor Muslim girl student was molested in a school in Savda in Jalgaon District. A case has been registered against four people including the Director of the school. A 13-year-old girl studies in 8th class in a school here. At 2:30 p.m., Akram Khan Amanullah Khan, the Director of the school, called her to his office for some work. Then he molested the minor girl. The frightened girl informed the class teacher Sheikh Feroze and another teacher named Sheikh Arshad about this. Both of them informed Irfan Khan, the headmaster of the school. These three called the girl to the headmaster’s office and told her not to reveal this incident to anyone. (Such officials should be expelled from the school – Editor). The girl, who was extremely scared, did not attend school for the next 2-3 days.

When her mother inquired, the girl narrated the incident to her mother. The girl’s parents lodged a complaint at Savda Police station. A case has been registered against the school Director Akram Khan Amanullah Khan along with Irfan Khan Jamsher Khan, Sheikh Feroze and Sheikh Arshad.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Imagine how these people would behave with the girls from other religions, who behave in this way with the girls from their own religion.
  • The Government should ban the schools where such lustful teachers are employed.