Engineer Saiyyad Imtiaz threatens a Hindu : Accept Islam, or I will sell your daughter

Indore (MP) – Engineer Saiyyad Imtiyaz threatened a Hindu, “Accept Islam or I would sell your daughter”. Imtiyaz is an engineer in an IT establishment at Hyderabad.In this case, Dayaram Gour lodged a complaint with Vijaynagar Police and the Police have arrested Imtiyaz.

The Hindu girl, a resident of Indore, had gone to Hyderabad for a job. She came in contact with Imtiyaz and got married to him. Gour has said in his complaint that Imtiyaz had kept his daughter as a hostage and married her. Now he is asking for Rs 2 lakh.  Imtiyaz does not stop at this. He threatens to upload his daughter’s indecent pictures and videos, unless the entire family converts into Islam and if they do not, their daughter would be sold.

Editorial Viewpoint

Muslims will never stop fanaticism and Hindu-hatred, even if they are at high official posts. This is what is highlighted by this incident ! To stop these atrocities on Hindus, there is no other alternative but to have Hindu Rashtra.