Supreme Court refuses to stay the scientific survey of Gyanvapi

Petition of the Muslim side rejected

New Delhi – After the Allahabad High Court permitted the scientific survey of the Gyanvapi area, the Muslim side challenged it in the Supreme Court and demanded a stay on the survey. In the hearing held on 4th August, the Supreme Court heard both sides, rejected the petition of the Muslim side, and refused to stay the survey.

Why object to the survey ? : Supreme Court asks the Muslim side

During the hearing, the Supreme Court asked the Muslim side why should we interfere with the order of the Allahabad High Court ? In the case of Shriram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya, the Archaeology Department had conducted a survey, so why object to the survey of Gyanvapi ? Why object when the District Court and the High Court have allowed the survey ? What damage will this survey cause to the Gyanvapi premise that cannot be repaired later ? The Department of Archaeology has assured that the survey will not cause any damage to the premises. No excavation will be done there. Care will be taken that there will be no digging of any sort. The survey report will be sealed. The survey does not violate anyone’s rights.

What was the identity of Gyanvapi on 15th August 1947 ? : SC questions the Muslim side

During the hearing, the Muslim side argued on the basis of the Places of Religious Worship Act, 1991. The advocates of the Muslim side said that under Section 2 (b) of this Act, no change can be made in the status of religious places as on 15th August 1947.

On this, the Chief Justice said that what you are saying is correct, but the interpretation of this clause is wide. The question is, what was the identity of Gyanvapi on 15th August 1947 ?

Varanasi District Court order to submit survey report within next 4 weeks

While the hearing on the survey was going on in the Supreme Court, the District Court of Varanasi was also hearing the matter. In the hearing held on 21st July, the Court ordered a scientific survey of the Gyanvapi area. When the Muslim side approached the Supreme Court against it, the SC asked them to approach the Allahabad High Court which permitted the survey. The Varanasi District Court had ordered the survey report to be submitted on 4th August; however, due to the opposition to this, the deadline had passed, and the Hindu side filed a petition and demanded to extend the deadline. The Court heard it and passed a fresh order to submit the survey report within the next 4 weeks. So, this report can be submitted by the end of this month.

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