Pakistan demolished 150-year-old temple by keeping Hindus in the dark in Karachi, Pakistan

(The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration –  Editor)

Karachi (Pakistan) – Under the pretext of being ancient and fragile, the local administration demolished 150 -year-old Marie Mata Temple here. (Hindus think that Dr S Jayshankar, Minister for External Affairs of India, should question the anti-Hindu Pakistani Government about this – Editor). Heavy Police force was deployed at the site when the temple was destroyed on 15th July. Without giving any idea to local Hindus, the temple was demolished early morning, informed the caretaker of local temples, Ramnath Mishra Maharaj. Another local, Ramesh said that the temple management was under tremendous pressure. The temple land had been sold unofficially to a businessman. That businessman is going to construct a building there. The Hindu community in Karachi demanded that ‘Pakistan Hindu Parishad’, Sindh’s Chief Minister Sayyad Murad Ali and the Inspector General of Police take note immediately.

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