MNS foils the attempt of school to give information only about Bakri Eid on Ashadh Ekadashi !

  • Anti-Hindu activity of Mahatma School Of Academics & Sports, Panvel !
  • School tenders a write apology !
  • Circulates notice to celebrate Ashadh Ekadashi


Panvel – Though Ashadh Ekadashi and Bakri Eid coincided, ‘Mahatma School Of Academics & Sports’ at Khanda Colony in Panvel gave information only about Bakri Eid. School administration forgot Ashadh Ekadashi. After a reprimand by MNS workers, the school administration tendered a written apology.

The students of some CBSE classes of the school were asked to wear Hijab and made to listen to the Quran as a part of Eid celebrations. ‘Though Ashadh Ekadashi was on the same day, why was no Ashadh Ekadashi procession or celebration organised?’, this question was raised by Maharashtra Navnirman Vidyarthi Sena activists. The school administration was warned, ‘All acts that may lead to religious tensions should be stopped forthwith and Hindu festivals should be celebrated in a school that is in Maharashtra. Else the school administration shall be responsible for the consequences.’ The school took cognizance of this and tendered a written apology as well as circulated a notice to celebrate Ashadh Ekadashi.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Compliments to MNVS for being alert and prompt to protect Dharma !
  • It is necessary for Hindu parents to think whether they should send their kids to such schools.

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