India is the leader of developing and poor countries

Statement by James Marape, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby (PNG) – James Marape, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, state, ‘India is a leader of the ‘Global South’, i.e. developing and poor countries. He further said, “we all are the victims of the ‘power play’ of developed countries”. He was speaking at the inaugural session of the conference, ‘Forum for India Pacific Islands Cooperation’ organised here, on 22nd May. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India was present on this occasion.

Those, whom we trusted during the Corona period, did not stand with us during the crisis – Prime Minister Narendra Modi

After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Corona has affected developing and poor countries the most. They were already facing the challenges like climate change, natural disasters, hunger, poverty, etc. Now they are facing new problems. Those, whom we trusted during the Corona period, did not stand with us in the time of crisis. India has stood by the Pacific Island countries during difficult times. India has helped all her co-operative friends with ‘corona preventive vaccine’. For India, the islands in the Pacific are not small island countries but they are large maritime countries.

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Bilateral talks between India and Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Modi had bilateral talks with James Marape. Both the Prime Ministers told that the co-operation between the two countries would be increased in the areas of health, skill development, investment and IT. Both the leaders launched the translated version of the book ‘Thirukural’, translated from Tok Pisin language into Tamil. Tok Pisin is the language of Papua New Guinea. Prime Minister Modi also met Papua New Guinea’s  Governor, General Bob Dade.

Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, welcomed Modi by touching his feet

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Papua New Guinea on the 21st of May. In the capital Port Moresby, Prime Minister James Marape welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi by touching his feet. After this, Prime Minister Modi was given the ‘Guard of Honour’ (special honour) at the airport itself. Actually, after the sunset ,no foreign visitor is received with a special honour in this country. But considering the importance of India, the Government  broke its own tradition. Narendra Modi has become the first Prime Minister of India to visit the Indo-Pacific region of Papua New Guinea.

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