We oppose holding the G20 meeting on the disputed territory of Kashmir : China

  • China refuses to come for the G20 meeting to be held at Srinagar
  • India gave an opt response

 Wang Wenbin, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Bejing (China) – A G20 ‘tourist working group meeting’ has been organised in Srinagar from the 22nd of May to the 24th of May. China has refused to attend that meeting. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have not yet registered for the meeting.  “China firmly opposes holding any form of G20 meetings on disputed territory. We will not attend such meetings,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin. To this,

India has given a stern response to China after it opposed holding the G20 tourism working group meeting in Kashmir, saying, “We have consistently rejected such statements and all parties concerned are well aware of our clear position on these matters. The Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir and the Union Territory of Ladakh are and always will be integral and inalienable parts of India. No other country has a locus standi to comment on the same.”

(Credit : WION)

About 60 representatives from 20 countries are expected to attend the G20 meeting to be held in Srinagar. Earlier it had been estimated that more than 100 representatives would attend the meeting earlier.

Editorial Viewpoint

Kashmir is an irrefutable part of India; India has not annexed Kashmir. Whereas, China has annexed Tibet. If ever a G20 meeting is organised in Tibet, India should not attend that meeting, and give China ‘tit for tat’ response.

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