More than 100 illegal mosques and madarasas built in Uttarakhand !

  • Government land encroached !
  • Grave negligence from the local administration

A spacious madarasa was built and later a mosque was also built in Sahaspur area

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – It has come to light that more than 100 illegal mosques have been built in the State. After the news that a madarasa in the Sahaspur area is illegal was recently published in the local media, the famous magazine ‘Panchjanya’ has published the news that more than 100 such illegal mosques have been built one after the other. Interestingly, on 20th September 2009, the Supreme Court had ordered that it is mandatory to take the permission of the local administration before constructing or repairing any religious site. However, this order seems to have been neglected.

1. Many madarasas have been converted into spacious buildings and mosques are being constructed on their premises in Pachuwa, ​​Uttarakhand. The requisite maps have not been approved by the Government for this.

2. More than 100 mosques have been illegally built on the Shimla Bypass Road near Dehradun without permission from the Government. Government land has been encroached upon for this.

3. One mosque has been built near the riverbed. This land is in the river area that belongs to ​​the forest department.

4. A spacious madarasa is being constructed without permission on the main road from the capital Dehradun to Pontasahib in the Selakoi area, at the cost of crores of rupees. A mosque is also being constructed on the premises of ​​this madarasa.

5. Similarly, a madarasa and mosque have been built without any permission at Jamanpur in the Selakoi area of ​​the State.

6. A question arises whether the local administration and the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority are turning a blind eye when such tall buildings are being constructed. Locals are asking whether there is any political pressure behind this.

7. People are raising questions as to how are such big madarasas, mosques, and mazars being allowed to be built quietly, especially when it is said that permission is required for the construction of even a single brick outside the house of a common man.

Notices have been sent to all madarasas and mosques : Development Authority

Responding to this, Banshidhar Tiwari, Chief of Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority, said that these cases have come to us and notices have been sent to all. The officials concerned who neglected these cases have also been ordered to show cause for the same.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • This shows that there is a conspiracy of religious fanatics to Islamise the Holy religious place of Hindus. Hindus should at least wake up and unite now to protect their places of worship.
  • Was the administration sleeping when illegal construction was being erected on such a large scale ? Or is it that the concerned have made an ‘understanding’ among themselves ? The Government should investigate this and bring the truth to the people and send the responsible officials to jail for life !
  • Hindus do not expect such a state of affairs in a BJP-ruled State. Government should take immediate action on these encroachments and those who built it !

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