If I become the Chief Minister then I will ensure that Muslims get back their 4% reservation

Congress Leader siddaramaiah’s assurance

Bangalore (Karnataka)  – Senior Congress leader and former Chief Minister of Karnataka recently stated that ‘If I become the Chief Minister again, then I will give 4% reservation to Muslims. I will also order the people of the State not to buy Amul milk. He was speaking to the Press. He further added  ‘The entry of ‘Amul’ in the State will harm our homegrown Nandini milk products and the farmers depending on it.”

A few days ago, the BJP Government abolished the 4% reservation for Muslims. Hence, Siddaramaiah also alleged that ‘BJP has done away with reservation and given it to Lingayats and farmers’.

(Credit : India Today)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • On one hand, Siddaramaiah used to oppose any concessions to Hindus saying that India is a secular country, but now he says he wants to provide all sorts of facilities to Muslims in the same secular country. Since Congress has done nothing but violates the Constitution. Hence, the Hindus have driven them out of power at the Centre. But still, Congress and its leaders have not realised this, as can be seen from  Siddaramaiah’s statement.
  • Such a party and its callous leaders will be shown the door by the devout Hindus of Karnataka.

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