My grandfather is probably busy with his 72 virgins : Arzoo Kazmi

Arzoo Kazmi the famous female journalist from Pakistan gives a stern reply to her critics

Arzoo Kazmi

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Arzoo Kazmi a famous lady journalist from Pakistan recently mentioned in a tweet that her grandfather made a mistake by migrating from India to Pakistan during the partition. After she made this statement, she was widely criticised & threatened in Pakistan.  One person even said, ‘You should feel ashamed to say that, how would your grandfather’s soul feel ?’ To which Kazmi replied sarcastically that ‘In Islam, we are told that there are 72 virgins waiting for us after our death. Hence, I assume that my grandfather is busy with them and has no time to look at what we are doing.’ Kazmi gave the above reply via a tweet.

She further stated that ‘Coming to Pakistan was a mistake and I am firm in my opinion. This is because both my brothers have gone to Europe and are well-settled there as they had no future in Pakistan. What I do not understand is why there so much controversy if I express this thought ? Slowly everyone will get used to this situation. Hence, I will continue to speak in this manner whether anyone likes it or not.’

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