No-show at the Khalistan Referendum in Brisbane, Australia !

Only 100 individuals voted !

Brisbane (Australia) – On 19th March (local time), the scheduled voting for the so-called Referendum 2020 for a so-called separate Sikh Nation Khalistan took place in Brisbane, Australia. As per initial reports, the propaganda appeared to have failed as only a few hundred of the community members turned up to vote. This shows that the Sikhs residing in Australia have rejected the separatist demand for a separate country for Sikhs. Pictures of the referendum voting were shown on social media and very small numbers are seen at the voting site. Indians are thanking the Sikhs on social media saying that it is because of them that this plan has failed. There is a demand that those who voted for the demand should be denied entry to India and that their Indian passport be revoked.

The banned terrorist organisation, ‘Sikhs For Justice’, is conducting voting worldwide. Earlier a referendum was conducted in Melbourne on the 29th of January. At that time Indians who opposed the referendum were attacked.

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