If you want to celebrate Mahashivaratra, you have to chant ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ 5 times ! : Khalistan

Hindus in Australia threatened by Khalistanis in Pakistan !

Brisbane (Australia) – After the incidents of attacks on Hindu temples in Australia, Khalistanis are now trying to create an atmosphere of fear by threatening the temples. On 17th February, a Khalistani threatened Dr Jairam and Dharmesh Prasad, president of the famous Gayatri temple in Brisbane.

According to the newspaper Australia Today, Dr Jairam was contacted by a person named Guru Awadhesh Singh from Nankana Sahib, Pakistan. He said that if you want to celebrate Mahashivaratra in the temple, tell your priest to chant ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ 5 times ! He also said that the Khalistan referendum will be held on 19th March and you should support it !

(Credit : Oneindia Hindi )

Just last month, Bhavana, the female priest of the Shri Kali Mata temple in Melbourne, was also approached by a Khalistani and threatened. On 4th March too, when a devout Hindu singer was invited to a programme at the temple, threats were issued to attack the temple if he participated in the programme.

Editorial Viewpoint

Since the Khalistani mentality around the world is challenging the sovereignty of India, the Government of India should destroy the Khalistani organisations in Punjab, and Governments around the world should take strict action against the Khalistanis wherever they are.

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