Border Security Forces have unleashed terror in the bordering areas of the State : CM Mamta Banerjee

(Left side) CM Mamta Banerjee

Kolkata (Bengal) – The law and order situation is better in Bengal than in other States in the country. (What could be a bigger joke than this?- Editor). However, Border Security Forces are conducting raids. Innocent people are being killed in bordering areas. The Centre never bothers to send fact-finding teams to investigate these killings. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made these false accusations in the State Assembly. (BJP workers and other activists of Hindu organisations were killed in Bengal. How many such incidents did Mamta Banerjee’s Government investigate ? She should also tell how many of them tried to get the culprits punished. – Editor)

Banerjee mocked the Centre’s directive asking people to hug a cow on Valentine’s Day, which was later withdrawn. She said, “If the cow hits us, what will happen ? Will they (BJP) pay us compensation ?” (Cow-slaughter is increasing in the country including Bengal. Mamata Banerjee should tell what efforts her Government has made in the last 15 years to stop the smuggling of cows to Bangladesh from the Bangladesh border in Bengal – Editor). The BJP has stooped low enough to insult a Nobel laureate (Amartya Sen),” Banerjee added. (Isn’t it an insult to Shriram that Mamta Banerjee gets angry on hearing Jai Shriram ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

Only anti-nationals can make such accusations against a force guarding the border. This shows Banerjee’s mentality. This is why it is necessary to impose President’s Rule in Bengal

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