Gas cylinder costs Rs 10,000 in Pakistan

Minister announced wheat shortage

New Delhi – Inflation is at its peak in Pakistan leading to disorder spreading everywhere. A Minister has declared that there was no wheat available in the country. Fights are erupting in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Balochistan for wheat flour. 2 days back one person was even killed.  As soon as the news spread that Sindh Government is selling wheat flour at a cheap rate, there was so much rush for acquiring the flour, that 4 persons got killed in the crowd.

1. In Rawalpindi, Pakistan wheat flour costs Rs 150 -200/kg. 1 dozen eggs are sold for Rs. 330. Chicken meat is sold for Rs. 650, milk for Rs 190, and edible oil for Rs 580.

2. A gas cylinder costs Rs 10,000; so they are carrying gas in plastic balloons.

(Credit : Zee Hindustan)

3. Experts opine that this state has arisen due to rulers in Pakistan. Their policy is responsible for this. Pakistan spends 4,300 crores on development, Rs 1,800 crore on farming and 18,800 crores on security.

4. Less money is left in Pakistan’s foreign reserves. Pakistan Government has no money to pay  Government employees.

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