Boycott Indian products, fire Hindu employees and expel them from Muslim countries : Al-Qaida

Al Qaida’s appeal to the Islamic Countries

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New Delhi – Jihadi terror outfit Al-Qaida called on Muslims living in Muslim countries to boycott India, and Indian products, and to expel the Hindus working in Islamic countries. Also, they have appealed for support for the terrorist activities in Kashmir. Al-Qaida media has published an article in its periodical. The magazine targeted India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and referred to the controversy over Nupur Sharma’s remark.

It says,

1. The Hindu Government of India was encouraged by the silence in the Muslim world to cross the limits this time and go on to insult the Prophet. We invite our noble Ummah to unite against this Hindu Government and help their brothers and sisters in India so that the enemies of Allah dare not repeat such an outrageous offense against our Prophet.

2. We also invite all Muslims, specifically businessmen, to boycott Indian products, fire Hindu employees, and expel them from Muslim countries. It is a disgrace to let millions of supporters of Modi reside in the Peninsula of the Prophet.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Al Qaida sees itself facing extinction. To prevent this from happening Al Qaida is trying to provoke the Muslims. But it is also true that neither the Muslim Countries nor the Muslims would falling prey to this propaganda, as doing this is will be a loss for them !
  • This once again proves that terrorism has religion and it does jihad against the Hindus !

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