Shahrukh should dare to make a similar movie about the Prophet ! : Girish Gautam

Challenge by MP Legislative Assembly Speaker, Girish Gautam !

(Left side) Shah Rukh Khan and MP Legislative Assembly Speaker, Girish Gautam

Bhopal (MP) – “Shah Rukh should watch this film with his daughter, post its picture and show the world that he is watching it with his daughter. I challenge you to make a similar film on the Prophet”, said the MP Legislative Assembly Speaker, Girish Gautam. State Home Minister Dr Narottam Mishra warned to ban the film in the State if the objectionable scenes are not replaced.

Protest by Congress leaders too against the movie !

Opposition Party Leader Dr Govind Singh, former Central Minister Suresh Pachauri and other senior Congress leaders too are against the film. Pachauri said, “This is not about movie ‘Pathan’ but about the clothes. According to the Indian culture, no woman should wear such type of clothes in public places and expose their body, be it Hindu or Muslim or any other religion’s girl.”