Shri Ganesh insulted in web series ‘Fadu – A love story’

Playing Mirza Ghalib`s sher mentioning Kaaba and Church while praying to Shri Ganesh

Mumbai – Shri Ganesh puja was insulted in a web series named Fadu-A love story, playing on  OTT platform ‘Sony Live’. It shows Mirza Ghalib’s sher (short poem) being played while praying to Shri Ganesh. This scene has nothing to do with the original content of the series is included to create humour. Ashwini Iyer Tiwari is the director of this web series and Soumya Joshi is the writer. In this scene, the heroine’s father is listening to Ghalib’s song as he prays to Shri Ganesh while waiting for her exam results. It includes the ‘Kaaba’ (Holy Mosque of Muslims in Mecca where the Muslims go for pilgrimage) and ‘Kalis’ (Church) are mentioned. At this time a person stops the song and the father says that he was playing the song for Shri Ganesh to listen.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • What kind of worship is this ?
  • Would anyone dare to recite a Hindu religious mantra in a church or mosque in a web series or any other entertainment programme ?

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