Construction of port by Adani faces opposition in Kerala

Demonstrators attack Police station : 36 Policemen injured

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Adani seaport construction is underway at Vijhinjam in Kerala. The local people have been opposing this construction for a few months. They have been agitating through different mediums continuing their opposition. On the 27th of November 2022, however, the agitation took a violent turn when the demonstrators attacked the local Police station, injuring 36 Policemen. They have been admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

Cases have been filed against about 50 demonstrators and five have been arrested so far. Important papers have been destroyed from this Police station. Even Police vehicles including 4 jeeps and 20 two-wheelers have been damaged. The demonstrators attacked Police with sticks and stones. Presently, there is tension in the area and 200 additional Policemen have been deployed.

  • Agitations staged through ‘The Latin Catholic Diocese Church’   
  • Cases filed against Archbishop Thomas J Netto and other bishops !

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Please note that churches and pastors encourage violence ! 
  • Will those pro (re) gressive factions and patrons of ‘Sarva-Dharma-Sama-Bhav’, who are always critcising Hindu Saints, say anything on this matter ? It has been time and again exposed how wrong the depiction of Christian bishops has been, in India, as promoters of peace, but nobody will say a word on such issues !

People from Vijhinjam including the local residents, fishermen, and members of ‘The Latin Catholic Diocese Church’ have been demanding the stoppage of the construction of Adani port and asking for conducting a study of the erosion of land in the coastal area. The agitations going on for the last 120 days became violent a few days back, for which cases have been registered against 50 demonstrators, including Archbishop Thomas J Netto and other bishops.

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