Alleging CM of going for astrological advice, NCP criticises CM and even the science of astrology !

Mumbai – NCP, activists of ‘Andha-shraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANiS)’, and progressive factions have criticised Chief Minister Eknath Shinde because he is alleged to have consulted an astrologer. They have also criticised astrology. NCP’s national President Sharad Pawar, MP Supriya Sule, and opposition leader Ajit Pawar are among those who criticised CM Shinde.

On 23rd of November 2022, CM Shinde visited the Ishanyeshwar Temple of Shivanika Sansthan in Mirgaon after which it is alleged that he consulted an astrologer. The Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar explained that the CM visited a ‘gou-shala’.

New things are observed in a progressive Maharashtra ! – Sharad Pawar, National President, NCP

Sharad Pawar, National President, NCP

Presently, we get to observe new things in the State. It was not so earlier in Maharashtra. I am not an astrologer; therefore, I won’t be able to say anything, and I don’t believe in these things, nor do I go anywhere to show my palm, leaving my tour halfway. Going to Shirdi by cancelling a scheduled meeting and later, going to Sinnar to consult an astrologer, etc are new things for us. Such new things are observed in a State like Maharashtra, which is known to be a State of progressive thinkers, but it will be shown by people that such things are not acceptable here.

We felt helpless when we heard about CM consulting an astrologer ! – MP Supriya Sule, NCP

MP Supriya Sule, NCP

Dr Narendra Dabholkar fought against superstitions, therefore, Maharashtra got a different identity in the country. Persons holding important posts should have faith, but I have a different opinion about superstitions. The CM of a progressive State believes in astrology. What can I say now ? I feel helpless.

What to say about a CM who consults an astrologer ? – Ajit Pawar, Opposition leader

Ajit Pawar, Opposition leader

Is it appropriate to go to an astrologer for advice ? Where is the world going in this 21st century ? We feel helpless to hear such things, stated opposition leader, Ajit Pawar.

Editorial viewpoint

Astrology is considered and studied as a science under Hindu Dharma. In fact, those, criticising without any knowledge of astrology, should be considered truly superstitious !