All I did was in the heat of that moment !

  • Murder case of Shraddha Walkar
  • Aftab accepts his crime in the Court
(Left side) Aftab Punawala

New Delhi – “Whatever mistake I made was in the heat of the moment. I will provide all the possible assistance required for the investigation”, confessed Aftab Punawala about the murder of his lover Shraddha Walkar in the Saket Court in Delhi. Aftab was presented in the Court through video conferencing. At the time of the hearing, the Police demanded the period of imprisonment of Aftab be increased. On this demand, the Court increased the period by 4 days.

(Credit : Dainik Jagaran)

At the time of enquiry Aftab made a map to explain where the body parts of Shraddha are thrown. Her face was thrown near a pond. As it has been a lot of months now, he does not remember it exactly, he told the Police.

Editorial viewpoint

Who will trust the statements of Aftab ? For many months, he was abusing Shraddha and simultaneously was staying in contact with many other Hindu girls. Even after the murder he continued to be in contact with other Hindu girls. This reveals his mentality !