Will not rest till terrorism is completely finished !

The resolve of Prime Minister Modi

New Delhi – If we want to keep our citizens safe, then we cannot wait till terrorism comes to our doorstep. We must search and get information about the terrorists, destroy their networks, and stop their financial sources. We feel that every attack is an attack on all. One person’s life is the same as the lives of all living beings. So, I will not rest till terrorism is completely finished, expressed Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He was speaking at the seminar organised on the subject ‘No money for terror’ (No financial funding for Terrorism). The main topic for the seminar is ‘Financial funding for terrorism’.

Prime Minister Modi said,

1. We must identify and isolate organisations and individuals that try to create sympathy for terrorism.

2. Some countries support terrorism as part of their foreign policy. They give assurances of political and financial support. It is necessary to punish such countries.

3. India has suffered terrorist attacks for the past numerous decades. We always faced them bravely.

Editorial viewpoint

The Jihadi terrorism in India is the creation of Pakistan. It is equally true that the jihadi terrorism and the pro-Pakistan feeling in India will not end till India finishes it. 

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