How our President looks like !! : Trinamool Congress Minister Akhil Giri 

Disparaging remarks about President by Trinamool Congress Minister Akhil Giri  

(Left side) Trinamool Congress Minister Akhil Giri  and President Draupadi Murmu

Kolkata (Bengal) – When speaking about India’s President Draupadi Murmu, Trinamool Congress Minister Akhil Giri said, “We don’t know people by their looks. We respect the President of India; but what does our President look like !!” He was speaking at a program in Nandigram. Giri also criticised Suvendu Adhikari, leader of the Opposition in Bengal, and BJP leaders, saying, ‘I am not good-looking; so how good-looking and handsome is Suvendu ?’ A video of Giri’s comment has gone viral.

According to Akhil Giri’s statement, the BJP has alleged that President Draupadi Murmu belongs to the tribal community. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party made statements based on her appearance that are anti-tribal.

Superficial apology by Akhil Giri

If the President feels that he has been insulted, I am sorry

Editorial viewpoint 

This kind of apology is pure rubbish. For this comment, it is necessary to register a case against Giri and arrest him and put him in jail 

Giri has apologised after being criticised. He said that I have not taken anyone’s name. I apologise if the President of India feels insulted. I express regret about my comment. I respect the President. I compared Suvendu Adhikari to respond back. Suvendu has insulted and abused me. I am also a Minister. They cannot make such statements about me. They are insulting the constitution. I was angry with him and made a statement about the President.

Editorial viewpoint 

It is a sin to make such statements based on someone’s appearance, as well as their physical features. A Minister holding such a responsible position making such statement about the President of the Country shows his worthiness. As a woman, Trinamool Chief Minister and State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is expected to take action against such Ministers.