Air pollution causes increase in depression

Severely affects people’s memory

New Delhi – According to a study conducted in Britain, air pollution directly affects mental health. Studies have shown that pollution can lead to more mental problems. The effects of pollution on mental health can be very serious. The increase in air pollution is leading to more cases of depression among people, which leads to an increase in suicides. A person living in a polluted environment is more likely to suffer from mental disorders. Air pollution can also cause dangerous diseases like dementia.

1. An estimated 32% of people suffer from mental health problems as a result of air pollution. While polluted air led to 18% of hospitalisations due to nitrogen dioxide exposure. Researchers from Bristol University conducted this study in 2021. Around 13,000 people participated in this study.

2. A global review of the year 2019 has revealed that air pollution can have a serious effect on every part of our body. Therefore, people should try their best to avoid pollution.

3. According to the report of the American Psychological Association, so far, many studies have revealed that air pollution can impair people’s memory. It mostly affects children and the elderly. Not only this, but pollution also increases the risk of depression. Toxic air can be dangerous not only for your lungs and heart but also for your brain.

Editorial viewpoint

100 year ago there was no such thing as pollution; but when will it be accepted that the so-called development that is being done by science, is increasing pollution and it is having a disastrous effect on the earth and all kinds of resources on earth ?